Get To Know The Schnoodle Breed

Before buying any dog, it's important to find out what you're getting yourself into by researching the breed. Pet owners who purchase their dogs from reliable breeders who breed according to certain standards can be fairly assured of the temperament, looks, and needs of their animal. Here are four facts that can help you get to know the Schnoodle breed before making your puppy-purchasing selection:

1. Schnoodles are highly intelligent dogs.

Schnoodles are also known as Schnauzer Doodles. As their funny name suggests, these dogs are hybrids with Schnauzer and Poodle parentage. Like their Poodle ancestors, Schnoodles are very intelligent dogs. People who plan to participate in dog agility competitions and those who enjoy teaching their dogs tricks can get along famously with Schnoodles. It's important to keep in mind that intelligent dogs are easily bored. You'll have to provide your Schnoodle with plenty of mental stimulation in order to keep it well-behaved.

2. Schnoodle owners can enjoy their dogs' luxurious coats without the extra housework.

Poodles are famous for their distinctive, beautiful curly fur. Likewise, schnauzers have coarse, curly fur that comes in a variety of colors. Schnoodles are specifically bred to avoid the shedding problems that often come with long-haired braids. These dogs don't shed much, and they have minimal grooming requirements. You can enjoy the company of a beautiful Schnoodle without having to vacuum your house every day to get rid of excess fur. Schnoodles may also be hypoallergenic, which makes them a great choice for people with sensitive respiratory systems.

3. Schnoodles come in small, medium, and large sizes.

Some people enjoy cute, cuddly little dogs, while others prefer large and robust companions. Luckily, Schnoodles are a versatile breed that can please people with either preference. The size of a Schnoodle depends on the size of its parents. Schnoodles can be bred from Miniature, Toy, or Standard Poodles. A Miniature Schnoodle can make a great lap dog, while a Giant Schnoodle can cut a regal and impressive figure.

4. Schnoodles make great exercise companions.

Poodles were originally bred as hunting dogs designed to chase waterfowl. Like their forebears, Schnoodles are full of energy. It's important to help your Schnoodle get plenty of exercise each day so they can stay in shape and avoid destructive tendencies. People who like to go on long walks, hike, swim, and run will find that Schnoodles make excellent, friendly exercise companions.

For more information, contact a Schnoodle breeder near you.

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