New Pond In Your Yard? 2 Tips To Keeping It Maintained

A new pond is exciting for you and your family and adds to the aesthetic of your yard. If you have a new pond in your yard, you want it to last as long as you can and stay in good condition. One way to do this is to keep it maintained. Below are two tips on things you should do. 

Keep Dogs and Other Animals Out 

If you have dogs in your backyard, the first thing you should do is to ensure they do not have access to the pond. A dog can ruin a pond quickly because many dogs love to play in the water. Other animals may also get in the pond, such as squirrels. One way to do prevent animals from accessing the water is to install a cover that you can remove. This way you can cover the pond when you are not using it. There are also pond nets that work the same way but allow air and sunlight to get through the cover. The openings in the net are small so debris cannot get through. 

Building a fence around the pond to section it off is another option. If you choose this, make sure the fence is tall enough so that your dog cannot jump over it. If you do not like the look of a fence, you can use landscaping. Plant bushes and other vegetation around the pond to block it off from dogs. 

Keep It Clean

Another thing you should do is keep the pond clean. First, do not put too many fish in the pond. How many fish you choose depends on the size of the pond you have. If you have too many fish, the water quality will become imbalanced and make the water dirty. You also need to make sure you only feed your fish the amount they need. Leftover food results in dirty water.

Having aqua plants in the pond provides more filtration, which helps the water stay clean. You likely also have a pump in the pond, and it must be the right size, so it circulates water correctly. Be sure to check it for blockages periodically and make sure the water is flowing normally. The pond you purchase will have instructions on the proper flow rate. Remove fish waste, decaying debris, and leftover fish food from the pond periodically. 

Talk with the service provider who installed your pond to learn more about pond care

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