Own Cats? 4 Reasons To Get Physical Exams Annually

Bringing a pet like a dog in for an annual exam is a smart idea, especially because you can get vaccinations that protect them from diseases they could catch outside. However, you may own several cats and debate whether you should bring them in for annual vet examinations. Understanding the major benefits of these exams will encourage you to bring your cats in.

Sickness or Injuries

When cats are sick or injured, they may act differently than normal. However, their change in behavior and habits may not be enough of an indicator that they are sick or injured. An annual vet visit is an excellent place to gather information about any health-related problems.

While you can perform thorough examinations at home, you may not be able to diagnose an actual concern or problem. A veterinarian will know how to handle this process and what to look for to give you peace of mind about your cat's health.


One of the most important parts of any person or pet's body is its heart. A cat with an unhealthy heartbeat likely has some health concerns that must be addressed. Finding a heart problem like hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is still beneficial even if there is no cure. You can work with a vet on a treatment plan to help your cat manage and stay healthy.


Keeping your cats at a healthy weight is beneficial because it will help them avoid developing diabetes and give them excellent quality of life. However, you may experience some issues with doing this under one roof. All it takes is one of your cats stealing from your other cats' food bowls to become overweight.

A vet can help you come up with strategies to manage weight for all your cats. They may suggest certain foods or provide prescription food to help with thinning down.


Going in for annual checkups will also allow you to build up a health history collection for each of your cats. These routine exams are also the perfect time to ask questions. You may want to start exercising your cats and learn about how you can do it on a regular basis. Before bringing your cats outside, you can see if they need any extra vaccinations to do so safely.

Taking your cats in for annual physical exams is something that will benefit everyone involved. For more information about annual physical exams for pets, contact a local veterinarian.

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