About American Bullies

If you are looking for a puppy and you are wondering about the American bully breed, this article will help. It will explain to you why you may want to contact an American bully breeder and ask about any available litters they have. Here are some reasons why an American bully may be a good pet for you and your family: 

American bullies were carefully bred to get specific characteristics

One thing you want to know about this breed is that they were carefully created by breeding certain types of terriers and bulldogs. The result was a gorgeous and sturdy dog with a big and boxy head, a muscular physique, and an easy-going personality. These same features are still the breed standard for the American bully. 

They are known for being 'muscle dogs', but they are also fantastic family dogs. A lot of the characteristics they have also make them good therapy dogs and good emotional support dogs. An American bully breeder will be able to choose puppies from their litter that they feel will fit your lifestyle because they know about the breed and spend plenty of time with the litters. 

American bullies can fit into any home

An interesting thing to know about this breed is that they actually come in a lot of different sizes. There are often nicknames used when referring to the different sizes. For example, the smallest dogs of this breed are commonly called 'pocket bullies'. Having so many sizes to choose from makes it easy for you to get a dog you feel won't take up too much room in a small home or practically get lost in a large one. Again, the breeder can help you to determine which pups they feel will grow to be the size you want. 

American bullies have great personalities

American bullies love to please their family members, and this makes the breed easily trainable. Many also describe them as happy dogs. They generally do well with children and with other pets. They can be friendly, as well as protective when they feel one of their humans is being threatened. They also like to go for car rides and tend to be very athletic, so getting them into agility course training can be a great activity for the whole family. This breed also loves to spend time curled up next to their people, and they often like to sleep in the bed where they can feel close to their family. Ask a breeder which puppy they feel has more of the personality you are looking for, and they will usually be a big help.

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