What You Should Know If You Want A French Bulldog Puppy

If you have decided that you want to add a puppy to your family unit, you have many breed options available to you. However, if you have always wanted a French bulldog, then you may be leaning in that direction. French bulldogs have many wonderful qualities and may very well be your ideal pet. However, before you start looking at French bulldog puppies for sale, you should get to know some of the main characteristics of the breed. Then you can be certain that you are making the best choice for your family. 

French bulldogs Show a Lot of Affection 

One of the main characteristics of French bulldogs as a breed is that they are highly affectionate with their owners. They love to snuggle, get petted, and even give puppy kisses. When the French bulldog breed was developed, people wanted to breed a dog that was a great companion, and they succeeded in this regard. If you are looking for a snuggle buddy or a dog that will show you unconditional love, then a French bulldog is likely right up your alley. 

This also means that your French bulldog will likely want to be right by your side (or right underfoot) at all times. If this is the type of relationship you want with your dog, then great, but if not, you may want to consider other breed options. 

French bulldogs Do Not Need a Lot of Exercise

French bulldogs will never be considered the top athletes of the canine world. In fact, exercise, in general, is not really their thing. If you want a dog that has moderate energy levels and enjoys short, slow walks as their form of exercise, then you should definitely get a Frenchie. 

Generally speaking, a walk once or twice a day for a block or two is sufficient exercise for a French bulldog. You can also play with them inside the house to get their daily exercise. French bulldogs have very short noses (like other bulldogs and pugs). This can cause breathing difficulties if they are overstimulated or over-exercised.

If you have a busy schedule and do not have time for long walks several times a day, a French bulldog can be a good choice for you as their exercise requirements are quite minimal in comparison to many other dog breeds. Because of their low need for exercise, French bulldogs can adapt well to life in an apartment, townhouse, or other small living environment. 

Now that you know a few of the important facts about French bulldogs, you can start your search for the perfect French bulldog puppy to make a member of your family. 

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