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Most dogs enjoy being brushed and washed, but cats don't have the same reputation. If you've ever tried to bathe a cat, you probably ended up scratched and miserable in the process. But even though grooming may not be your cat's favorite thing, there are still benefits of taking him or her in for a professional grooming session now and then. Professionals have the equipment and furniture to make grooming your cat easier, and your cat will benefit from the experience in the following ways.

Removal of Mats

Many cats get mats in their hair. This happens when fine hair gets tangled and balled up, and then sits against the skin. Mats can cause itching and even sores, and they're really tough to remove with just a brush. Your groomer, however, can snip the mats out after using a special moisturizing cream to soften them. They'll do this without injuring your cat's skin -- which you very well might if your cat is struggling while you try to remove the mats.

Less Itching

When your cat is washed, conditioned, and combed, this process distributes the oils on his or her skin. This can help alleviate any dry skin and itchiness, making your cat more comfortable. Cats are particularly prone to dry skin in the winter since the air is more dry and many like to rest in front of heating vents. So, taking your cat to the groomer in the middle of winter is a great idea.

Pest Detection

It's pretty easy to tell if your cat has a heavy flea infestation, but you may overlook a few fleas if you are not able to brush or comb your cat yourself. A groomer, however, will get a close-up look at your cat's entire coat during the grooming session. He or she won't overlook fleas, let alone mites, ticks, or other pests that might be bothering your cat. They can then recommend the right shampoo or medication to get rid of the pests.

Better Scents

This benefit may be more for you than for your cat. If your kitty tends to get a little smelly, a visit to the groomer will leave them smelling fresh and clean. Groomers have pet-safe perfumes that can use if the shampoo is not enough. As a result, you may be more inclined to play with and cuddle with your cat, which will be better for his or her overall mood and quality of life. 

Contact a vet office, like Spring Hill Veterinary Clinic, for more help.

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