Three Mistakes That Could Make Vet Appointments More Stressful For Your Cat

Vet appointments can be stressful for any pet, but cats are especially inclined to get antsy and anxious when they're loaded into the car and taken to an unfamiliar place. Fortunately, you can make the experience of seeing the vet more comfortable and less frightening for your cat by avoiding the following four mistakes:

Scheduling an appointment at a time when your vet's office is extremely bus

When a vet's office is busy, there can be a crowd of people and animals in the waiting room. Barking dogs and strangers are likely to aggravate any stress your cat is feeling.

If possible, try to schedule an appointment when the vet's office will be relatively empty. The busiest times will probably be on any weekend days the vet is open or in the evening after pet owners have gotten off work. If you can make an appointment early on a weekday, this will probably be the least busy time and the most comfortable option for your cat.

Neglecting to get your cat comfortable with the carrier beforehand

It could help if you get your cat accustomed to the carrier before the vet appointment by putting the carrier in an area where it's accessible to your cat in the days preceding the visit. This way, the cat will get used to the carrier and may even go in and out of the carrier to explore it.

Your choice regarding which carrier you use is also important to ensuring your cat's comfort during vet visits. Don't just choose the cheapest carrier available for transporting your cat. Try to choose a carrier with more room that your cat can get into easily. Also, you can enhance your carrier by putting some soft bedding down and some toys inside to provide entertainment.

Failing to bring some comforting toys, treats, or companions to vet appointments

Be sure to bring some special toys and treats along that your cat enjoys. Your cat won't feel stressed out if you can get him or her to focus on this favorite toy or treat during the visit. 

It can also be more comforting for your cat if you invite along someone to help you with loading and handling your cat during the visit. Ideally, your helper is someone who lives with you and who your cat sees on a daily basis. Having another familiar human companion along can help to reduce stress.  

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