Tips For Buying And Caring For Green Iguanas

If you have decided that you want to get a green iguana to keep as a pet, then it is vital that you know how to purchase and care for them. Iguanas are reptiles, can be dangerous to their handlers, and require very special housing and feeding. 

Since green iguanas are not domesticated animals and can both bite and tailwhip their humans, you cannot safely keep them in households with children. As long as there are no children in your house and you can tolerate a temperamental giant lizard-like creature, then a green iguana can be a fun and interesting pet.

All that being said, if you are going to get an iguana, then you must follow these tips:

Tip: Only Buy a Green Iguana from a Reputable Breeder

When the time comes to buy your iguana, you should only purchase one from a reputable iguana breeder. While iguanas are often sold at flea markets and in pet stores, these iguanas are often unsocialized and sometimes are sick.

A reputable iguana breeder will have healthy young iguanas that have been socialized since birth. This early socialization will help an iguana tolerate interactions with people better and will make a higher-quality pet.

Tip: Only Buy a Healthy Female Iguana for a Pet

If you do not have any previous experience owning iguanas, then you should buy a female. Female iguanas as not as irritable as male iguanas and are much safer for you to handle. Every fall male iguanas enter their mating season, which makes them become very territorial and very aggressive towards their humans. You can avoid this drama by buying a female iguana.

Tip: Set Up Your Iguana's New Habitat Before Bringing Them Home

Before you bring home your new iguana from the breeder, you need to have a special habitat for them to live in. Green iguanas require constant heat, a basking light, and a misting system to keep them healthy. The natural habitat for iguanas is the rainforest, so you must make them a habitat that mimics this environment.

Tip: Correctly Feed and Bathe Your Iguana Every Day

It is important that you feed your green iguana a correct diet. Since iguana diets are complicated, you should use the feeding guidelines from the Green Iguana Society.

Finally, it is also vital that you bathe your green iguana each day. Reptiles naturally eliminate their waste products in water, so your iguana needs a daily bath to keep themselves clean and regular. 

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