Coton De Tulears Are Great Companion Dogs

The Coton de Tulear is a breed of small dog. The breed got their name from the city of Tuléar in Madagascar. Part of their name is also based upon its cotton-like coat. These dogs are playful, intelligent, respond well to training, and make great companions. If you would like to get a Coton de Tulear puppy, here are some breed characteristics to guide you and help you create a perfect home for your new puppy:

Personality:  Coton de Tulear dogs have a lively and playful personality. They are adaptable and equally happy to play energetically or sit quietly and cuddle. They like to communicate by barking, but can be taught to be quiet whenever you give them a hand signal. Colon de Tulears are known to be affectionate and happy all the time. This personality trait makes them easy to be around. Keep a running dialogue with your Colon de Tulear when you are together and they will regard you as their pack leader and feel that they are part of your family. 

Activity Level:  Coton de Tulears respond well to training because they want to please. You can initially teach them simple commands and then progress to formal agility training if desired. These dogs should be walked daily to keep them in good physical condition and stimulate them mentally. When on a walk, they can be curious about anything new including strangers and other dogs. With a few reassuring words from you, your Coton de Tulears can be open to new experiences and not territorial. 

Socialization:  Coton de Tulears are very social dogs. They like companionship and to be around people and other dogs. They do not like to be left home alone for long periods of time as they get separation anxiety. If you must leave them during the day, you can always get another Coton de Tulear dog and they can keep each other company while you are not home. 

Grooming:  Coton de Tulears have a very soft and fluffy coat. In order to keep their coat from becoming tangled and matted, you should brush them every day. It is best to start this grooming routine when your Coton de Tulear is a very young puppy so that they become accustomed to it and look forward to the attention. In warm weather, you can have your Coton de Tulear's coat clipped short especially around the face. This breed of dog looks good with either a long or a short coat. 

A Coton de Tulear dog can be a great companion dog for you and your family. When looking at coton puppies for sale, look online for a breeder that specializes in this breed as they will have the experience and expertise to guide you in selecting a puppy that is right for you. With a little bit of research and training, you can find a great dog that can become the newest member of your family.  

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